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His name is Francis - not Frankenstein.  He doesn’t see himself as a creature, and he's no monster.  He's just a boy.  A boy who wants to be your friend.   Francis has a huge crush on Brigid, but she just wants to be friends.  She also has a sneaking suspicion that they could have the same parents, which would just make things weird.  Francis is a big fan of thunder storms.  He practically lights up when the thunder starts to roll.  However, he does have a huge fear of fire, which is also a huge fear of smoke, which is also a huge fear of anything that resembles smoke.  He may not like fire, but he does love the warmth a good hug can provide.

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She may look like a bride, but Brigid is fiercely independent.  That's not to say that she doesn't want to be your friend.  She does.  Very much so.  She loves science and always has some mysterious project in the works. She’s a stickler for her hair and takes too much time in the bathroom.  She knows that.  But it’s one of the only places in the house where she can find alone time.  Especially since she let Francis talk her into moving into his room – the tower in the north-east corner of the home.  She has since insisted that they draw a literal line down the center of the room.  Francis is okay with this.  After all, it helps keep her messy clutter and scientific equipment away from his organized and tidy drawers.  

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D'Mon isn't a little devil. He just looks like one.  He's hoping that you will give him the chance to prove himself worthy of being a friend and not a fiend.  He loves music and has ambitions to front a rock band one day.  It’s too bad that the little guy has no rhythm.  D’Mon choses to sleep in the furnace in the basement of the home.  He’s a fan of heat and wishes they all lived in Arizona.  He also has a fascination with dinosaurs, and it has nothing to do with the fact that he kind of looks like one.  He loves long hugs, but his body temp runs on the high-side, so be sure to break it off before his love burns you too much.

Mums might give the impression that she just woke up from a long nap, but only because her pace is groggy.  She talks slow.  She walks slow.  To her, there’s no reason to rush.  She sleeps in the grandfather clock at the home, and she loves to make grand appearances when the clock strikes on the hour.  She defends the bandages she wears, by saying that it’s a religious choice.  Yet, she has no real religion to speak of.  So, when confronted with the question, she will usually just change the subject to something the questioner likes to discuss – in hopes that they can become friends.  You can tell her anything.  She’s great at keeping secrets.


Vlad won't bite you.  He recently converted to vegetarianism. In fact, the sight of blood makes the little guy nauseous now.  He loves baseball and is quite good with a bat.  It’s too bad that the coaches at school won’t let him join the team.  They think that his cape would get in the way of his swing.  So, he focuses his skills on magic, because for magic the cape is appropriate.  Vlad sleeps in a box in the attic.  Granted, it’s cardboard and used to store a tanning bed, but he’s made it home.  The sun doesn’t hurt him, but that doesn’t stop him from carrying a parasol in public.  He does it because it’s a great fashion accessory.  In his mind, capes are cool and are destined to make a comeback.  If you get caught in his stare, all you'll see is love.

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Zee-Bee is dying to be your friend.  He's also one of the smartest in the lot, and that is not because he's dined on anyone's brains.  He chooses to sleep in a hole in the yard and literally uses the dirt as a blanket.  He’s not talkative, but he’s good at getting his point across with one or two slurred words.  His heart no longer beats, but his love for you will never die.

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