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BYLINE:  The Little Odd-Lots aren't monsters.  They're a group of outgoing oddball foster kids who desperately want to be your friend.


THEME:  One person’s fear is another person’s fun.


COMPARATIVE SHOWS: “The Munster’s” meets “The Muppet Babies.”


TONE:  A half hour animated comedy with a dark edge that keeps a positive message against bullying and bigotry for pre-teens to adults. 


SYNOPSIS:  The Little Odd-Lots are a group of foster children who look like monsters, but that doesn’t prevent them from having a happy attitude and an adventurous spirit. 

     Because of their appearance, the Odd-Lots often deal with adversity and bullying.  Yet, the Odd-Lots have an innate ability to turn that into a positive.   They aren’t anti-bullying, necessarily.  More so, they have such a naive view of the world that they misdirect that evil and strip it of its power.  It’s just who they are.  When someone makes fun of them, they can only see the “fun” part of it.

     The Odd-Lots all live in a dilapidated foster home run by Agnes King.  Agnes is a mysterious god-like character that will never be seen in the show, but her presence will always be felt.  Her guidance and wise words are passed among the group regularly.  Her chore assignments are up every week and can at times seem as odd as her foster kids.  Cleaning the bathroom is a chore, but the list might also require one of the Odd-Lots to hunt for a lost civilized city in the backyard, or to design an elegant gown for a Neolithic funeral.  She loves to challenge their imaginations, and the Odd-Lots embrace those challenges. 

     Agnes is very loving and none of the Odd-Lots have ambitions of living anywhere else.  However, that doesn’t stop their social worker, Lynne Monroe, from trying to find a “better” home for the kids.  She usually forces the Odd-Lots to conform (“not so monstery” is how she puts it) in an effort to get them adopted.  Lynne thinks the Odd-Lots should cover who they really are to fit in.  Agnes thinks they should embrace who they are to stand out.

Every weekday a short-bus takes the Odd-Lots to elementary school.  None of the other regular looking kids (called “Norms”) want them around, thus, the Odd-Lots are often bullied.  Yet, the Odd-Lots see the pranks pulled on them as weird attempts at forming friendships and often embrace the pranks with an excited energy that infuriates the bullies even more, pushing them to bolder tactics that can get dangerous.  The Odd-Lots carry on, always turning the event into a positive experience no matter what. 

     The Odd-Lots never intentionally scare others.  But that’s not to say that others don’t get scared of them – they do.  The noises and attributes that the Odd-Lots put off by just being themselves can come across as quite disturbing. 

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